OCDS Extension Registry Python Package 0.3.8

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This Python package eases access to information about extensions in the Open Contracting Data Standard’s extension registry.

It includes Python classes for programmatic access, as well as a suite of command-line tools which can:

  • download any versions of extensions

  • generate POT files (message catalogs) from extension files, as part of a translation worlflow

  • generate a data file in JSON format, that provides all the information about versions of extensions

The basic package includes only the Python classes for programmatic access:

pip install ocdsextensionregistry

To install the command-line tools, follow these instructions.

If you are viewing this on GitHub or PyPI, open the full documentation for additional details.


Methods in this library should either apply to all possible extensions, or be useful to at least two use cases. Methods that don’t yet meet these criteria are documented as experimental.

Copyright (c) 2018 Open Contracting Partnership, released under the BSD license